Each creation start with a special moment

  • KANG Shin-Song 강신성

    Seal engraver

    On his nickname Soso, I met him by the intermediary of Lucia who I spent many day by is side learning the korean way of engraving seal. He is also one of the reason why I am going back to South Korea for the third year. I wish to keep learning with him and would like to master his way of engraving seal.
    Seoul, South Korea

  • TCHÉ Lucia 최 루시아

    Master in Calligraphy

    At us first meeting she was really surprised that I was white because after my call she fought I was from Singapour. Quite a big suprise. But after she was really pleased that she can taught me korean calligraphy in Korean. The time pass and instead of teacher, pupil relationship we are now two artiste friend talking about their new ideas, plans and exchange knowledge.
    Seoul, South Korea

  • KONATÉ Bomavé

    Wood Carver

    I met him by the intermediary of a friend, I went to Africa for 2 weeks where I was in total immersion in the African countryside and culture. I am really amazed by the art of woodcarving in Africa.These sculptures are made entirely with a single tool, the "adze".

    Boromo, Burkina Faso

  • ZUBERBUHLER Philippe


    I went to a carving school because I thought that when I was drawing some volume was missing in my drawing. And because of my teacher I immediatly found in love with the stone carving. Our workshop was like the old day atelier where sculpture and apprentice worked together. Philippe open us eye and us heart of the beauty of sculpture. The Atelier atmosphere was always in a good mood. He is a really great teacher and still be a really good friend.

    Avignon, France

  • LUCIC Karine

    Stone Carver

    My classmate and tutor in sculpture. With Karine they are always plenty of idea, it is good to be a sculptor. Even if 20,000km are between us we are always in the same way of thinking and even without speaking to each other our plan are on some way similar.
    Cavaillon, France

  • LAURENT Marina

    Golden Wood Restoration

    When I was the more lost in my life, she open my eye to a new world,, the art and handycraft's world. Because of her trainee I could choose a good orientation for my future.

    Beaune, France

  • SEICHON Muriel


    I met her really by chance because her classe was next to my piano classe. I change my course as soon as I met her. We didn't see each other for years and we met again one day because we were in the same art association and we were going to exposed in the same exibition.
    Nuits-st-Georges, France

Living in a country and feel its variations

  • Seoul

    South Korea

    I went to Seoul in 2009 after a year working as a temp. It's a project well thought and hoped. During more than 2 years in South Korea I learn speaking and reading, the calligraphy, seal graving and the pottery.Korea is a beautiful place where people have a real desire to help you. During 2 month and 1,500km, I made a bicycle trip around the korean countryside with Stéphane, my brother. During this trip at the turn of the mountains and rice fields, I fully felt the good-natural heart of the Korean kindness.


  • Central Europe

    Rumania, Slovakia, Poland...

    During 4 months I went with a friend and a car to explore Centrale Europe. During this Journey of 20,000km we visited Italia, Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey,Roumania, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Germany. Sometimes we were invited to sleep, most of the time we were camping in the wilderness. We have met people of great kindness..


  • Edinburgh, Brisbane

    Scotland, Australia

    after I obtained my bachelor in art I went immediately to Scotland to see the country and learn English assiduously. Scotland was my first experience of living abroad it had been very rewarding and useful for my future travels.back there I was in collocation with a Korean and a Japanese friends it was a world tour in 40m2. After a year studying English in Edinburgh I went 5 months with a Spanish friend in Australia, to master the subtleties of the English language. I discover a total different world.


  • Chevrey


    What a pleasure to play in the nature and in the midst of a campaign that saw me grow up. In primary school I participated in a reproduction of masterpieces's contest. My parents learned of my involvement when the first prize was awarded to me. When I study in lyon I had my first collocation with a Bulgarian friend that make me want to travel. Even now I return to France often to see my sculptor friends and friends and family who I cherish.

Learn as if life was eternal


    Avignon, France

    Newly Avignon"s Academy of Arts since 2010, Ardeco is a school of sculpture just behind the Papal Palace in Avignon. A favorable environment for artistic expression and teaching. This school has opened my eyes to new horizons and new ways of thinking about space. I keep good contact with students as well as Philippe (my teacher). Philippe and I keep a real particular artistic relationship. I never fail to return to the workshop in each of my visits in France.

  • Applied Arts Bellecour

    Lyon, France

    At the age of 16 I was hesitant of which direction I should take but my parents thanks to them, were able to advise me well. Once in High School of Bellecour's Applied Arts in Lyon, I understand that arts will be my major and futur. Learning Arts inspire me and gave me back my happiness.It was also my first time of living alone in 150km from my parent's home. In the first year we had 9 hours and then in the second and third year 18 hours per week of drawing the lessons in addition of the general lessons. Arts lessons were divided between the visual arts, product design, communication design, design for environment, perspective, art's history.

  • Ecole Beaux Arts

    Beaune, France

    This artistic course enable me to fulfil my potential.This first art teaching drawing techniques was decisive in my choice for the future. Every week I was waiting forward to Saturday morning. I'm totally fully blossomed during these Fine Arts courses.

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